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Natsuki Nitō
Natsuki nito stand.png
Kanji 仁藤 菜月
Rōmaji Nitō Natsuki
Hair color Black
Eye color Purple
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Sora Amamiya
First Appearance
Film The Anthem of the Heart

Natsuki Nitō (Kanji: 仁藤 菜月, Rōmaji: Nitō Natsuki) is a main character in The Anthem of the Heart.


Natsuki Nitō is a girl with long black hair and purple eyes.

Most of the time, she wears a seifuku consisting of a white long-sleeved top with a collar and grey buttons, a white shirt underneath with a collar with what appears to be a light grey butterfly on it, a grey bow around the neck, a long white skirt, blue-grey knee-high socks and a pair of brown uwabaki.

She also wears casual outfits outside of school.


Natsuki is an honor student and member of the cheerleader club. Similar to her classmates there are things on her mind that she does not talk about. She is troubled by love and is not brave enough to express what she truly feels. The mistakes she made in the past are still haunting her and might even affect her future,




  • The name Natsuki means "vegetables, greens" (菜) (na) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).
  • Natsuki's surname Nitō means "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "wisteria" (藤) ().