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Jun Naruse
Jun naruse stand.png
Kanji 成瀬 順
Rōmaji Naruse Jun
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 5.2"
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Age 15
Birthday November 23
Relatives Izumi Naruse (mother)

Mr. Watarai (father)

Affiliations Unknown
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Inori Minase
First Appearance
Film The Anthem of the Heart

Jun Naruse (Kanji: 成瀬 順, Rōmaji: Naruse Jun, [naɾɯse dʑɯn]) is the main character in The Anthem of the Heart.

Her words have been sealed away ever since she was a child, due to her blaming herself for her parents divorce.

Her only ways of communication are by sending messages through her cellphone and by singing. Any attempt to speak causes her to have severe stomach pains.


Jun Naruse is a short girl with short black hair and grey eyes. Most of the time, she wears a seifuku consisting of a white long-sleeved top with a collar and grey buttons, a white shirt underneath with a collar which appears to have a light grey butterfly on it, a grey bow around the neck, a long white skirt, a pair of black tights and a pair of brown uwabaki.

She also wears casual outfits outside of school.


At a young age, Jun was very talkative and cheerful. However, due to her believing she was the cause of her parents divorce, she believed she spoke too much. As a result, she can barely force herself to speak at all, due to fear.

She tries her best to avoid any interactions with others, due to her inability to properly communicate. However, she yearns for a way to communicate with others.

Her life changed when she met Takumi Sakagami. She believed that he was "peeking into her heart", and because of him, she learned she could communicate with others by singing.

Over time, she gradually came out of her shell, and by the end of the movie, she was able to communicate normally.


Izumi Naruse Jun Naruse's mother.

Watarai Naruse Jun Naruse's father (now divorced with his wife Izumi Naruse)

Daiki Tazaki. At the end of The Anthem of the Heart Daiki confesses his love to Jun, although the movies ends right there with no after credit scenes of the two, leaving it up to and open ending for you to chose if she goes out with him or rejects him the movie does show Jun blushing right after he asked her. We can assume that she goes out with him as they do have 1 moment walking home together after Natsuki says they can go ahead with out her since she wanted to stop by a store foreshadowing the future relationship.


  • "Dont tell people to disappear like it's nothing! Words can hurt people! You can't ever take them back! Even if you regret it, you can never take them back!"
  • (To Takumi Sakagami) "Are you peeking into my heart?"
  • "So there never really was an egg. I made that curse. I am the egg."


  • The name Jun means "obey/obedience, submit" (順).
  • Jun's surname Naruse means "become" (成) (naru) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).